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Where's Lew?


Hollywood SignBreakthrough to the Hollywood Side

Movies. There is that special magic of being encompassed in the womb of a blackened theater with a gargantuan screen sweeping you up with visuals and feelings of a great story. When it’s a hit, you LOVE that journey; when it’s a miss, well, don’t you often wonder how in the heck did this get made? And, I could have done better than that!

Because you’re a writer, and not a too shabby one at that. You may be “aspiring”, but you know how to craft a scene or two, and you surely have some stories to tell. Some good ones. If they only knew about your talent

Sign with Directions

So, how do you get from “Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-Me-ville” to actual notice, employment, and acclaim in Hollywood?

Strap on your laptop and be ready to buckle down for hours of long isolation, commitment, and a good dose of tenacity for this journey, but if you really feel you have what it takes, then let Lew Hunter, one of the best screenwriting teachers out there, map the route for you. Lew will not only guide you on how to overcome bumps in the road, but will make sure your “vehicle” is tuned up and ready for the trip. He will help make your script the best it can be before you head out.

Join Lew Hunter and Pamela Hunter for the Superior Summer Colony, held this upcoming June 13-26, 2015 in the Victorian Capital of the Midwest. This Colony celebrates the roots of writers like Willa Cather and Mari Sandoz as we meet for two weeks in Superior, Nebraska, a postcard town of traditional Americana we like to refer to as "the middle of everywhere."

To read about the schedule for the workshops/colonies, please click here for a sample daily syllabus: Colony Schedule.

If you have specific questions, please call 402-879-3617. (Please be considerate of the time you call as it is a direct line to Lew's home office in Superior, Nebraska.)

More Questions? You can contact Lew Hunter by e-mail: lew1@windstream.net.

Lew Hunter's Indian Summer Screenwriting Colony, held this upcoming Sept 12-25, 2015, provides the nurturing environment where you can take your writing to the next level. Please click here to download the application for the Colony.

Hunter House

The two-week schedule will immerse you in the writing process, where you will be encouraged to progress from story idea, to treatment, to step-outline and finally to complete the First Act of the Screenplay (30 pages). Lew will facilitate the best writing by creating an atmosphere of constructive feedback for all participants.

So, if you're ready to start out on your journey to Hollywood with your eye towards the big — or maybe small — screen, Lew has been commended as an excellent guide and mentor. He knows the business, he knows the craft, and he loves to share his wisdom.

Lew and his Indian Summer Screenwriting Colony will provide the launch point for a real career in screenwriting. Sometimes you just need to know where to start... and it's here.

Lew Hunter teaching

Dream Catcher

Originally released through TheReader.com
EDITOR'S NOTE: Leo Adam Biga spent four days and three nights covering Lew Hunter's Superior Screenwriting Colony, which wrapped June 27, 2008.

Twice a year a fractured fairy tale unfolds in Nebraska's Republican River Valley. Superior, a prosaic Nuckolls County border town of 2,055 in the state's most southern reaches, draws dreamers from near and far. They come, some halfway across America, some across the globe, to learn from a professor whose laidback Socratic method is Aristotle meets Jimmy Buffett.

The wise man is screenwriting guru Lew Hunter, a favorite son of Superior, born and raised in nearby Guide Rock

We're all storytellers, but how many can weave tales that grip an audience?...Hunter's an enabler.

Click here to read the full story.


Once in a Lew Moon Documentary

“For any writer, the Colony House is a slice of heaven. Your two-week stay will change your attitude about your work in the best possible way, thanks to the love and care you'll receive — and give — while you're there. Go. Write. Go home, and write better for the rest of your life.”

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Lew Hunter's Screenwriting 434

Lew Hunter's Screenwriting 434
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